Purrsday Poetry: A Cat Named Loon

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Please find below our latest entry in the Purrsday Poetry series. Don’t forget if you have a cat poem you’d like to publish on our Blog do send us an email to 🙂

Elliptical calico creature
Of apricot, brown and black
On checkerboard back
Bears coal-colored islands
In a sea of ivory fluff
Kept by brush-like tongue
Taking special care of the
Midnight heart on your side.

Soft-maned lioness
Of ovoid face
Protruding ears alert
Picks up scents with
Pink champagne-glass nose
Whose base forms a Cheshire smile
Effervescent bristle feelers
Spout from both sides of the goblet.

Your eyes are black slits
On emerald spheres
Of translucent crystal
Below the wrinkled brow
Of your curious, cocked head.

Stalking your territories
On padded paws
You noiselessly whisk by
Thumping your tail at anything that stirs
Astute feline beast
Queen of Lombardy
Dignified and spirited
Cat named “Loon”.

©2014 By Sheryl A Weinstein. All Rights Reserved.

Photo source: Pinterest and Wikipedia on Calico Cats.


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